Product Vision

Daopedia will be a DAO that anyone can join.

  • CORE TEAM: It’s run by a core team, in charge of building features, collecting, generating and sanitizing data and content, and ensuring overall quality.
  • CONTRIBUTORS: Just like Wikipedia, anyone can contribute content to the site. They can submit missing DAOs, write or edit descriptions, or add multimedia content (podcasts, videos, etc).
  • COMMUNITY: And even more peripheral participants can rate or review DAOs.

When someone contributes to Daopedia, they earn tokens (WIKI?). Tokens can be spent to buy ads (promoted content) on the site. If Daopedia offers additional services in the future, they can also be purchased with tokens.

An incentive structure needs to be defined around giving out tokens, to ensure quality and integrity. A model similar to that of StackOverflow can be considered, where tokens (points) are earned more by upvoting than by mere content creation, and members with more points have greater power (e.g. flagging things, adding tags).

Governance can also be done StackOverflow style (there’s Meta StackOverflow).