Wikipedia for DAOs

✨ Mission

Making it simple to discover, learn & join DAOs

👀 Vision & Goals

daopedia is THE destination for people to easily discover, learn and get involved in DAOs.

  • Making it much easier to discover DAOs. Just like Yahoo in 1995 made websites more discoverable, and ProductHunt made new products more discoverable, Daopedia will do the same for DAOs.
  • Making it much easier to understand DAOs. Wikipedia is arguably the easiest way to learn about any concept or entity, thanks to its consistent format and community-driven model. Daopedia aims to do the same for DAOs.
  • Serving as the source of truth for DAO information and stats, making it easier for anyone to see DAO activities, reviews, trustworthiness, and other data.

🗺 Roadmap

Season 0

Setting the foundation in public by building awareness on Twitter through spaces, threads & recruiting early contributors.

1️⃣ Season 1

Build v1 of product with 50 DAO write ups with community through Token drop

👓 Additional readings

Product Vision